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Printed sheets are perforated then collated together and wire stitched and bound with coloured tape on either the long or short edge to a board back and a card dust cover usually in 50’s and supplied with a writing shield inserted under the top set. The perforated sheets are removed from the book and distributed with the non perforated sheet being held fast in the book.

Printed sheets are collated together and glued on either the long or short edge to a board back in multiples usually 50’s and supplied with a writing shield inserted under the top set. Sheets are removed from the pad and distributed.

N.C.R. (No Carbon Required) is paper which has been treated with a special coating. When collated together in sets of 2 or more sheets the paper reacts to the pressure of a pen so that whatever is written on the top copy of the form is copied onto subsequent parts of the form without the need for carbon paper.




Optional extras include: Multiple parts - in 5 colours White, Pink, Yellow, Green and Blue. You can have any of these colours in any order. With options for heavier weight top and bottom sheets.
Digital NCR - so it can be run through laser printers.
Sequential numbering - usually in red or black ink - in one or more positions Punching - 2 or 4 hole most common, but we can accommodate special options.
Reverse printing - on one or all parts.
Additional perforating - Horizontal or Vertical.
Desensitising (so certain information doesn’t copy through to particular sheets)
Fixed/Hinged writing shields - so the writing shield stays attached to the book
Sizes - A4 & A5 most common, but we can achieve any size up to A3
Binding - Black Blue Red or White tape

Printed sheets are collated together and tip glued on either the long or short edge with a solution which holds the parts together but allows you to tear off each part individually as and when you need to.

Loose Sets

Optional Extras